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The aforementioned descriptions are the summit of attainment within the metaphysical system of the Oceanic Temple. However, if such a level of attainment seems daunting or out-of-reach, do not despair. Similar to the methods of modern-day, non-traditional mystery schools, the metaphysical system of the Oceanic Temple leads us on a step-by-step journey of inner discovery. 

For example, the initial, very important, process within the Oceanic Temple system is referred to as the “Way of the Oceanic Temple Essenes.” This way of living is exceptionally nature-based and sublimely spiritual. It invokes a relationship with invisible forces within nature, celestial energies, and healing, uplifting angels. It also offers mystery teachings (including that of the ‘sacred marriage’) espoused by the Essene-Nazorean spiritual master Yeshua (Jesus).  

The journey begins with purification of body, mind, heart, and action. For example, most Oceanic Temple Essenes are organic vegetarians, while others practice meditation and acts of selfless, inspired, and heart-centered service – or karma yoga. As well, other forms of yoga practice and Eastern healing or movement arts, including massage, are encouraged - with emphasis also placed on spiritual music and free-flow dance. All is practiced with an attitude of devotion and reverence, honoring the sanctity of all life and the oneness of all beings.  

In accordance with the ‘Oceanic Way,’ meditation is completed in a non-effortful manner, allowing for our full ‘release’ into inner quiescence or stillness. Meditation within the ‘Oceanic Temple system’ does not emphasize demanding techniques, assiduous practice, or effortful concentration. However, apart from our effortless meditation of ‘release,’ the Oceanic Temple also offers special mantra meditations that help us to purify our inner being, bring about peace and harmony, and open the way toward sublime awakening.

Indeed, a sense of vitality and healthy balance arises as the pathway of purification is embraced. However, beyond the pursuit of purification, we, as Oceanic Temple Essenes, also engage in solar meditations and meditations on infinity. And, in the quiet of the nighttime hours, we cultivate spiritual dreaming and embrace a process of cosmic attunement, thus establishing a relationship with realms and energies beyond the Earth-plane.

As Oceanic Temple Essenes, we discover that our body and external personality are not our true identities, but rather we are spiritual and ‘cosmic’ beings. As a result of this awareness, a sense of unlimited possibility emerges within us. The clouds of worry, despair, and doubt dissipate, and we find that the ‘spiritual sun’ is eternally shining. In turn, life becomes an effervescent and exhilarating, yet gently-flowing experience.

Should you decide to pursue the ‘Oceanic Way,’ you will discover yourself to be part of a vast and limitless universe. Within a short time, you will feel super-charged – ready to set sail for ‘the Infinite.’ Thus begins your journey toward multidimensionality – your embrace of higher-vibrational states that hold the promise of mystical awakening and magic within your life.



The metaphysical teachers of the Oceanic Temple offer a well-conceived cosmology, including a metaphysical system that, when applied, empowers the individual to more fully actualize his or her most heartfelt dreams.  There are no limitations.  We can ascend any mountain or set sail for any destination.  We may find ourselves ascending ancient pyramids, or transiting across mystic landscapes, invoking our relationship to infinite and eternal presence.  

The ‘Oceanic Way’ teaches us how to find the sublime inner guidance which (via the magical opening of an invisible interdimensional portal) offers us the solutions to any problem and the means to achieve any goal.  In the presence of our emerging ‘inner knowing,’ the perfect solutions arise to resolve any and all dilemmas.  Having transcended doubt, we are bestowed the keys to freedom.   

The Oceanic Temple teaches us to live as if everything we ‘do’ is dream-work.  Thus, in time, we become dream masters; masters of the art of living.  The societal nightmare that binds humankind dissolves, and a heavenly dreamscape is artfully brought to life.  Finally, even the heavenly dreamscape is dissolved so that full transcendence (an infinite ocean of oneness) may be found.  Profound inner stillness results.  





Our emergence into absolute transcendence is almost always preceded by colorful and inspiring journeys through the realms of multidimensionality, kabbalistically known as the Tree of Life.  Raziel, the founder of the Oceanic Temple, for more than twenty years, explored these inspiring, freeing, and truly fantastic realms.  In the aftermath of his mystic journeys, Raziel completed his book “Beyond the Spiritual Sun: A Sacred Journeyer’s Quest for the Goddess and the Infinite.”  Above all, this beautiful and magical book offers the promise of planetary awakening.  Among other things, Raziel describes encounters with wisdom keepers, including a wise woman named Xero, a uniquely provocative individual who has been one of the prime-moving forces inspiring the modern day Oceanic Temple.  Among other sublime influences, the Oceanic Temple has harnessed some of the wise precepts of ‘The Book of Xero,’ a mysterious, yet quite extensive, manuscript that has emerged from a realm of metaphysical truth beyond the grasp of the finite. 

With the writing of his book “Beyond the Spiritual Sun,” Raziel shows us that the multidimensional traveler must find balance and harmony via the embodiment of the energies of the sacred feminine. The world is out of balance, dried and parched from the dominance of patriarchal energies.  “Beyond the Spiritual Sun” shows us the pathways to energetic balance, wherein the gentle and harmonious way of the ‘goddess’ (the “Divine Mother” of the yogic path) is embodied. 

The embracing of the ‘sacred feminine’ opens the way for our ascent up the multidimensional ‘Tree of Life.’  This ascent is accomplished via spiritual dreams, meditative openings to other realms, and by way of out of body experiences.  Similar to the mystery schools of the ancient world, the Oceanic Temple offers insights that, when applied, open the way to these other dimensions. 

Our multidimensional ascent teaches us that we are more than human, as we find ourselves able to fly, to encounter profound otherworldly beings of higher wisdom, and to expand our powers of perception. Thus, we find ourselves on a path of infinite awakening, finally immersed in an infinite ocean of oneness.