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In the most sublime sense, the Oceanic Temple is a gateway that takes one beyond infinity.  Across human history, few have found their way to ultimate truth.  Few have transited this most elusive metaphysical gateway.  Even many of the master teachers of the ancient world (the wise preceptors of the mystery schools) had erred in their descriptions of ultimate reality.  They may have found their way to infinity, or to the Limitless Light  (kabbalistically known as the Ain Soph Aur), but rarely had these masters observed the great truth beyond creation itself.  

The Oceanic Temple seeks to bring clarity of awareness to those special individuals who view themselves as relentless seekers of truth.  As the pathway to freedom is lined with many deceptive forces, with an agenda to lead human beings astray, the Oceanic Temple seeks to offer clarity.  The Oceanic Temple bestows vision to metaphysical truth seekers who wish to avoid the delusive and often painful pitfalls which obstruct one’s journey to awareness.

The Oceanic Temple is a non-hierarchical, mutually supportive, coalescence of awakening humans. 

Some may view it as a new tribe, diligently endeavoring to expand human perceptual reality beyond the confines of society, dogma, doctrine, and the endless deceptions of mind. 

Having entered, experienced, and finally moved beyond the New Age organizations and systems of thought that had previously captivated their minds, these intrepid souls have courageously journeyed forth. Those, whose clarity of awareness has led them toward the ‘Oceanic Way,’ very powerfully, yet humbly, claim their freedom, and their designation beyond infinity. They release the repetitive, limited experiences of mind (and the realms sustained by mind) and embark, instead, upon a journey into the limitless possibilities of the ‘Unknown.’  

In order to transcend the prison of the mind, the art of inner stillness is pursued; for as the Taoist philosopher Lao Tse had said - ‘only with the cessation of unnecessary thought, action, and movement can one bridge the gap between heaven and Earth.’ In essence, full transcendence, which takes one beyond even heaven itself, requires the continued practice of inner stillness. Accordingly, the Oceanic Temple seeks to cultivate Bodhisattvas (Enlightenment Beings) of Stillness who move through life like a gentle breeze, lightly transiting across the corridors of eternity.


Though our metaphysical temple is not a Buddhist organization, it does deeply honor the Buddhist teaching that insight into ‘emptiness’ (the ocean of pure beingness) – that which engenders ‘prajna’ or wisdom (the Sixth Perfection of a Bodhisattva), is essential to one’s pursuit of liberation. Furthermore, the neo-Taoist notion (espoused circa 250 A.D.); that ‘primordial non-existence’ is the metaphysical sub-stratum that precedes or underlies perceived, relative existence is central to the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple.

However, the wisdom teachers of the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple have noted, via their own metaphysical pursuits, that within that ultimate realm of formless ‘non-existence,’ one paradoxically finds profound and unfathomable fullness, completion, and perfection. It is as if one has found one’s true home, one’s place of origin, from which one came. As Sri H.W.L. Poonja had described it, this formless, pre-existent realm, beyond all else, is ‘ever-present, ever-lasting, with no limitations, and with no frontiers.’

In contrast to this, the perceived physical world is dream-like and illusory; a mind-driven realm of duality, polarized energies, perceived experiences, and misrepresentations of ‘self.’ Those who cling to this relative reality are led toward a belief in separation and a perception of powerlessness, which, in turn, leads to fear and suffering.

Thus, it becomes the task of the individual and of humankind to seek liberation from the emotional and psychological prison that such waves of polarized thought and action engender. Like a meditative dolphin, the awakening individual auspiciously pursues the release of the mind-driven constraints of the illusory, pain-filled world of Samsara - transcending negative emotional states, desires, addictions, and the, otherwise, never-ending cycles of life and death.

Indeed, the unawakened human, inadvertently, sustains Samsara, via mind and emotion, driving himself toward the creation of unnecessary, and often painful, life scenarios, story-lines, and dramas. Taking these self-created dramas to have intrinsic reality, he submerges himself within the turbulent waves of mind and earthly activity – waves that, in truth, are of his own creation. His aimless wanderings of mind and action entail persisting and unnecessary effort, leading toward emotional upheaval, enduring stress, psychological, and physical fatigue.

It is only with the practice of inner stillness, via the quiescence of mind, that Samsara is exhausted and finally dissolved. Furthermore, it is only when one finds the true transcendent, formless realm (referred to by the Oceanic Temple as ‘Asat’) that one finally escapes the confines of the endlessly spiraling wheel of reincarnation and mind-generated experience. As the grand and, otherwise, persisting illusion finally dissolves, a feeling of expansive bliss emerges and the seeker finds himself peacefully immersed within an infinite ocean of oneness. Perfect peace arises. Metaphysical awakening and truth-realization are achieved.

Applied on a global scale, such ‘release’ leads to the cessation of war, violence, polarized conflict, fanaticism, and apocalyptic agendas. When polarities dissolve, a new, pristine world is born, and planetary awakening is made possible.