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Imagine a community in which the flowers smile and peaceful animals gather around, simply because of the human gentleness they find in their midst.

Those who exude such a profundity of human gentleness, I call the “Children of the Fifth Sun” – Tomorrow’s Children. I have known several such individuals, and they inspire me, as there is nothing more beautiful than innocence. In accordance with their natural state, and their innermost soul contract, they remain flawlessly harmless, while always representing truth. In the interest of self-protection, they could train themselves to be wily, deceptive, and aggressive, but, instead, they intentionally allow themselves to be vulnerable. Thus, they must journey into the depths of their innermost-spirit in order to find the strength to persist.



Their willingness to be vulnerable arises from their awareness that spirituality is the innermost truth, a truth that must be honored even if it means personal sacrifice. Thus, they bravely and willingly endure suffering for the sins of humankind. Conversely, however, joyfulness, harmony with nature, and a wellspring of love readily flow-forth from the depths of their spirit.

Amongst this special group are “indigo and crystal children,” “starseeds,” and “children of the rainbow.” However, some are simply children of peace. The common thread, connecting them all, is that they are the pure of heart; those who practice Prem-yoga, the yoga of love.

According to native prophecies, we are soon to transition from the inhumanity of the fourth world into the beauty and gentleness of the fifth world or fifth sun; with a fresh, new society emerging. Heightened energies from the galaxy, imbued with great metaphysical potential, will open the way.

Those humans that resonate with that heightened energy will arrive safely into the fifth world. The Oceanic Metaphysical Temple seeks to help Children of the Fifth Sun to metaphysically-raise themselves to a sufficient vibrational state that they may effectively and gently complete the transition, even if the Earth mother brings about a Great Purification as some native seers envision.

It is said that, prior to this purification, sinister forces will run amuck. Entrenched powers, seeking to insure that a world of gentleness and purity will never be born, will attempt to control and manipulate humanity, including the Children of the Fifth Sun.


It is for this reason that Tomorrow’s Children – the Children of the Fifth Sun, the innocent and pure of heart, must unite. We need each other. We need to work together in service of our collective vision, planting seeds for the future. It is time that we gather together in community, offering each other love, solidarity, friendship, and support, in the spirit of peace.

The gentleness of the Children of the Fifth Sun is a gentleness born of strength. However, as predatory and chaotic forces bear down upon us, sometimes we, as sensitive souls, wish there was more support. In order for innocence and gentleness to survive the extraordinary challenges, human chaos, and natural calamities that lay ahead, the power of truth must be harnessed, while metaphysical empowerment and other forms of strengthening are embraced.

The Oceanic Metaphysical Temple seeks to facilitate that strengthening, as ‘truth is one of the most powerful weapons of the Innocents.’ The Oceanic Metaphysical Temple, due to its years of diligent persistence, offers various levels of earthly and metaphysical understanding, which, it is hoped, will offset the dark forces that wish to disrupt our progression toward a higher level of human existence.

I have a small story to tell: Yesterday, as I pondered the difficult circumstances that sensitive souls will face in the next several years, I became concerned. But then, a small gift arrived. I noticed that, rather subliminally, in the back of my mind, the word “Tejon” (pronounced Tehon) was repeatedly presenting itself to me. Not knowing the word’s meaning, I investigated it, finally discovering that “Tejon” is the Spanish word for “badger.”

Perhaps an angelic messenger or spirit guide was attempting to awaken me to the realization that, what will most help to sustain “the Innocents,” through the difficult years ahead, is a bit of Badger Medicine. Native seers know that the medicine of any particular animal is the quality of wisdom, strength, and healing that that animal brings to one’s consciousness.

In truth, the natural state of “the Innocents,” the Children of the Fifth Sun, is such that there is not one amongst them who, within their heart, would want to raise a hand against another; and that should never change. Thus, there is not one Child of the Fifth Sun whose animal totem is the badger. Rather, “the Innocents” are entirely yielding, almost to a fault. But the badger is tough, tenacious, and bold, with tremendous courage and determination in defending its home and standing its ground when circumstances call for it. As embracing the qualities of one’s energetic opposite has great value, clearly, a few drops of Badger Medicine might do “the Innocents” some good.

The Children of the Fifth Sun tend to be weighted more toward the gentle qualities of the feminine side of the mystical Tree of Life. Thus, for them, the male energy of “Tejon,” the Badger can be very helpful in bringing needed balance. Balance opens the way toward true metaphysical awakening and transcendence.

“Tejon,” the Badger, teaches “the Innocents” to assert their rights and to boldly bring forth their inspired vision for the sake of all, to stand up for what they believe, and to develop spiritual warriorship in pursuit of the transcendence of fear. The badger also teaches the knowledge of how to protect oneself in compromising situations, warding-off threatening energies, while relying upon physical defense only as a last resort and only to preserve the peace.

But the Badger brings other gifts as well. Observing the badger’s unrivaled ability to dig deep into the Earth, the native peoples thought the badger privy to the mysteries of the unknown; to the hidden, underground secrets of the mystical and spiritual realms. Without fear, badgers were known to go where others dare not go. Thus, a few drops of badger medicine will help “the Innocents” to be able to penetrate into the depth of things - quite important, as there are many hidden forces in this world that would, otherwise, manipulate “the Innocents.”

Additionally, in the coming years, we will be faced with extraordinary challenges that will require that we keep our bodies strong. Among other difficulties we may, quite unfortunately, witness unprecedented biological challenges. Thus, a bit of badger medicine may be useful. Medicine women view the badger as a skilled healer. Thus, among other offerings, we at the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple teach health strategies, including optimal nutritional supplementation that can benefit the wellbeing of the Children of the Fifth Sun.

Lastly, according to one group, the Indigo Society (IndigoSociety.com), Native American societies, with their recognition of the badger’s extraordinary ability to burrow through the Earth, see the badger as a symbol of the newborn child pushing its way through the womb. Of course, this aspect of badger medicine is essential to the Children of the Fifth Sun as they will soon be birthing themselves into a new world and a new life.

In its most balanced and ideal expression, the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple, among other projects, will assist in the protection of “the Innocents,” the Children of the Fifth Sun, by offering metaphysical and other levels of knowledge and practical techniques, which, when applied for self or group protection, might function as a sort of “metaphysical Aikido.” The Japanese art of Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art, designed to promote peace. It neutralizes an attack or aggressive situation via the art of non-resistance, thus, protecting not only the potential victim, but also the attacker. Beyond that of physical Aikido, metaphysical Aikido might be considered the most profound path of harmonious spirit, as it engenders confidence, wisdom, stillness, and peace. It is more akin to Zen than to the tenacious (but useful) ways of the badger. Thus, beyond the value of a few drops of badger medicine, metaphysical Aikido offers a balanced and very valuable path for the, otherwise, vulnerable Child of the Fifth Sun.

The great master Yeshua, the Nazorean-Essene, said that, ‘Unless you change and humble yourself, becoming like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven’. He was referrring to innocence, the essential quality that the Children of the Fifth Sun, already embrace. Some amongst the Children of the Fifth Sun have not yet reached their teen years. However, many are teens and young adults. Even wise elders of deep integrity and gentleness can be found amongst the Children of the Fifth Sun. All exhibit the childlike innocence that Jesus charged us to embody.

The Oceanic Metaphysical Temple seeks to bring the Children of the Fifth Sun together, offering them the tools to enhance their own self-protection, while preserving the peace. Ideally, this will serve as a vehicle for safely transporting “the Innocents” to the welcoming shores of the fifth world. But, as this is a new idea, in its formative stages, we must work together to bring it to fruition. Indeed, the Oceanic Temple offers advanced metaphysical teachings. However, in order to achieve our lofty goal, we will need the help of “New Earth parents,” those who exhibit unwavering devotion in their support and protection of “the Innocents.” Indeed, some “New Earth parents” are themselves Children of the Fifth Sun, though having developed the means to protect the innocence of self and others.




For those who sense themselves to be Children of the Fifth Sun or New Earth parents, we welcome you to contact us at: awaken@oceanictemple.com We would love to hear from you and to place your name on our growing list of those who wish to join us in facilitating this evolving and most noble endeavor.

The following are the characteristics by which you will know yourself to be a Child of the Fifth Sun:

  1. Your predominant personal qualities include gentleness, innocence, purity of heart, deep personal integrity, idealism, desire to serve others rather than self, and devotion to a higher vision. Additionally, you are free of the fixations, addictions, and compulsions of the prevailing society and culture. Furthermore, though you often walk alone, at times suffering more than others, you are not jaded by cynicism or bitterness.

  1. It is natural to you to be open to metaphysical ideas. Spirituality and higher consciousness are essential motivators within your life. .

  1. People notice a special spark within you, which they identify as “spiritual.”

  1. You endure significant sacrifice in order to fulfill a higher, more sublime calling. You know that this current world, in many ways, is not your true home. Thus, the arrival of the fifth world will be a welcome change.

In general, the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple seeks dedicated truth-seekers who wish to probe the depths of the hidden mysteries. The black background of our web-pages, symbolizes the search for metaphysical truth and awakening within the hidden spaces of infinite existence. However, our work with the Children of the Fifth Sun and with New Earth parents is an endeavor of the heart; simple and pure.

I wholeheartedly look forward to hearing from Children of the Fifth Sun and from New Earth parents, devoted to the protection of innocence, as I am one of you. Please send your name, phone number, and email address and we will keep your name for future reference. In fact, we will keep you updated regarding developments in this new and inspiring endeavor. We offer our best wishes and appreciation toward all who seek a more beautiful and peaceful world.

I thank you from my heart,