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Are you someone who has been pondering the mysteries of life and the universe for years, but have found yourself dissatisfied with the results of your search?  Are you disillusioned, or simply feeling stagnant with regard to the directions your beliefs have taken you?  Are you troubled by the ideas foisted upon you by the status quo system or by controlling religions?  Are you, therefore, seeking new answers? 

‘Oceanic Awakening’ is a service that we offer to the public.   Simply stated, it is an opportunity for you to receive our metaphysical teachings and accumulated knowledge in a format tailored to your specific questions and needs.  We encourage the patronage of those who find, burning within their heart, an unceasing desire for truth and freedom. 

If you are such an individual, simply pose your spiritual or metaphysical questions to us. We will respond to your questions via email.  We will provide carefully conceived, well developed responses to all spiritually or metaphysically-related questions.  Questions about the ancient mysteries may be submitted as well.

There are literally thousands of potential questions whose well-founded answers may facilitate one along one’s pathway to higher knowledge. It is our hope that our responses will bring clarity of awareness or, at the least, spark a process of continued inquiry.  We believe that the transmission of inspired metaphysical knowledge, combined with an informed view of the esoteric or hidden history of humanity promotes an accelerating vibration of truth that can eventually lead to personal and global transformation.   Thus, the Oceanic Temple, with its advanced metaphysical system, offers you a window of enhanced perception, facilitating personal (and collectively) planetary awakening.



The following are examples of the types of questions that have been posed to us: 

What are the core metaphysical teachings of the Oceanic Temple?  What is the most direct path to mystical or metaphysical awakening and spiritual freedom?

What is the nature of the divine?  What forces propel this universe and how do these forces impact me as a human being? What is the nature of reality (and human perception)?  What is the nature of spiritual light?  Are there dark forces that impact the human spiritual experience? 

Do human beings have a soul?  Who am I?  Where did I come from?  As a human being, what is my place in the universe?  Is there a blueprint or design to Creation?  What is the meaning or purpose of life?  What happens to me after death?  What are the laws, if any, that govern this universe?  What does the Oceanic Temple teach regarding heaven or regarding reincarnation?  What about fear of God, original sin, hell, guilt, salvation, and other age-old religious teachings, sustained for millennia by the religious establishment?  What is the Oceanic Temple’s view on saviors and messiahship?  And who was Jesus?

What is the New Age movement, and what impact will it have on our future?  What was the deeper significance of the Harmonic Convergence event?  

Can you tell me more about the ancient masters of yogic philosophy and other Eastern traditions? What is self realization?  Does the Oceanic Temple have any unique insights regarding meditation?  What are some of the Oceanic Temple’s teachings regarding multidimensional reality, out of body journeys, chakras, kundalini, and subtle energies?  Can you explain the yogic concept of ‘Maya’ or the illusory nature of reality?  What is the Matrix?  What is the nature of metaphysical awakening, enlightenment, transcendence, and spiritual liberation

Can you tell me about the power of dreams and visions?  Will you share with me your insights regarding the power of the mind? 

Is there such a thing as angels?  What about spiritual healing and miracles?  Is there a method of utilizing prayer in a more effective way?  What is the nature of love? 

Why does humanity so often create war?  What is the value of purification?  How can I free my mind and life from the controls of the society around me?  What are the origins of these controlling forces and how do they function? 

What does the Oceanic Temple have to say about UFOs and extraterrestrials?  Can you teach me more about the ancient mysteries?  Are there cosmic forces that are currently awakening humanity?  What is the Oceanic Temple’s role in this awakening?                  


As the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple primarily seeks to be of service to individuals and to help facilitate planetary awakening, the "Oceanic Awakening" service operates solely by donation. If you are curious about the mysteries of the universe and would like us to assist you in broadening your understanding, then please contact us with your questions. We will respond with our full attention and devotion, helping you to expand your awareness.




Regarding donations:

Some participants in the "Oceanic Awakening" service have offered one or more donations early-on. However, in general, it is only after several interactions have occurred and a mentoring relationship has been established that donations have been considered appropriate, and this, only according to your inclinations (in accordance with what is comfortable for you).

Primarily, our interest is to welcome you into the magic and beauty of the Oceanic Way, thereby accelarating planetary awakening.

Simply email us and request the ‘Oceanic Awakening’ service.  Within the same email, pose your question(s). Usually within less than two weeks, you will receive an email response from us, directly responding to your queries regarding metaphysics, spirituality, and ancient mysteries.

If, at any time, before or after an ongoing email-based relationship has been established, you wish to offer a donation (thus helping to support us in our mission to advance planetary awakening) then simply submit that donation through our Pay Pal service.