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Ra.Z–el  (Raziel) is the founder and director of the Oceanic Temple.  Though the Oceanic ‘Metaphysical’ Temple has many elements of a non-traditional metaphysical mystery school, in truth, the teachings of the Oceanic Temple seek to demystify the mysteries, thus leading the spiritual seeker toward a most profound shift in awareness.  Nevertheless, when the most advanced practitioners of the Oceanic Way discover the ineffable and unfathomable depth of  ‘Absolute’ existence (or pre-existence), beyond infinity, it becomes clear that the Grand Mystery persists. 

Raziel describes himself as a ‘trans-dimensional preceptor,’ facilitating the journey to infinite metaphysical awakening and the final release into ‘pre-luminosity’ (that which precedes the manifestation of light and energy).   

Historically, preceptors met with students in small groups in order to guide them toward higher knowledge, wisdom, and finally transcendence.  In India the term preceptor refers to the Sat Guru or Truth Guru, a person who, if sufficiently capable, can lead the way toward a glimpse of the ‘Absolute.’  Such an individual has conscientiously walked the pathway toward awareness and is, thus, able to show the way.     

Raziel describes his first mystical experience as having occurred at age 19, while he was completing his studies in psychology, anthropology, and pre-medical sciences at a prominent American university.  At age 26, while earning his doctorate, he embarked upon his first sacred journey into the mysteries of the Meso-American world.  Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, he attended spiritual gatherings at ancient mystery sites (including the Harmonic Convergence and the Mayan Solar Initiation), wherein sacred pilgrims and metaphysical truth seekers from across the globe heralded a new cosmic age of enlightenment.  All along, Raziel was expanding his relationship with multidimensional reality



Between 1990 and 2007, Raziel completed a total of five years of sacred travel in South, Central, and North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, France, Spain, and North Africa.  During his sacred travels, the name Raziel was bestowed upon him by a mysterious being who embodies the very ‘mystery’ or ‘secret’ that the name Raziel confers.

Raziel has worked for more than a dozen years as a doctoral level mental health professional, serving individuals with anxiety and stress disorders, U.S. war veterans, and the Native American community.  Currently, he specializes in psychospiritual facilitation, offering inspired metaphysical guidance derived from decades of in-depth investigation into the mysteries of the universe.  Furthermore, Raziel is an educator and holistic life coach, conveying state-of-the-art information regarding optimal health, wellness, and longevity. 

Raziel’s spiritual path has been inspired by the Advaita ‘non-dualistic’ Vedanta tradition of India, the Meso-American mysteries, the Essenes, the sacred feminine, and the ‘underground stream’ of Jesus the traveler (who is represented by the dove – i.e. the sacred feminine).  Raziel has been a student of the ancient mysteries for more than twenty years.

With regard to the inspired philosophy and metaphysical teachings of the Oceanic Temple, Raziel is currently in collaboration with a semi-reclusive, master teacher and metaphysical wise woman named ‘Xero’ who is featured within the pages of Raziel’s book “Beyond the Spiritual Sun: A Sacred Journeyer’s Quest for the Goddess and the Infinite.” 

Raziel currently lives high in the Andes Mountains, immersed within the indigenous energies, while communing with the Infinite, and with that which is beyond mind and beyond infinity.  When in the United States, his life-affirming services are offered in the desert southwest, Hawaii, and elsewhere within the sacred American landscape. All services are offered for the sake of personal and planetary awakening.





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