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The metaphysical teachers of the Oceanic Temple will increasingly be offering seminars and other forms of public outreach, designed to expand metaphysical awareness.  These seminars will include gentle infusions of the energies of the sacred feminine to counterbalance the patriarchal dominance that currently afflicts our society. All services have the ultimate goal of personal and planetary awakening.

The corporate and governmental sectors of our global society are being amply funded, thus leading humankind toward a very uncertain future.  However, we who love truth and freedom are inspired by the notion that, with your donations, not only will the Oceanic Temple be given wings, but we will be better able to offer the ‘lift’ of awakening consciousness that the entirety of the human family so desperately needs. 

Eventually, when a physical structure is built to house the Oceanic Temple (a sanctuary for its devoted adherents), the ability to likewise reach out to the public will be enhanced. All metaphysical truth seekers, spiritual libertarians, spiritual dreamers of peace, and heart centered visionaries will be welcomed. 

All who are interested in supporting the earthly and the more lofty goals of the Oceanic Temple are welcome to contribute in their own way. 


We are raised up, as we contemplate that, with your loving donations, we will be better able to pursue our dream to be of maximal assistance to humanity in this time of global upheaval and potential global transformation.   Your donations will help humankind set sail for a more sublime destination, thereby bringing us all a brighter future. 


It is time for humanity to rise!




Along with your donations, please send us an email message, so that we may thank you.
Your good wishes and caring are a part of the ongoing magic of the Oceanic Temple experience. 



Please note that the Pay Pal donation button above may be used for the offering of donations and payments. This may include donations, in general, or donations related to the ‘Oceanic Awakening’ service, or for payments associated with the ‘Psychospiritual Life Coaching Service,’ monographs, and all current or future books.

Also note the following: If you wish to pay by credit card and live within the United States, Canada, or England, you do not need a PayPal account to make your payment or donation. Rather, you are offered two options. You can sign up for a paypal account or, if you wish, you may simply enter and submit your credit card information.

Customers not living in the United States, Canada, or England may be able to use their credit card for their first purchase but, thereafter, may be required to have a PayPal account in order to purchase services from the Oceanic Temple. Creating a PayPal account is a relatively simple process which may offer additional security advantages.