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Our personalized psychospiritual life coaching service consists of spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic coaching and advisement according to your unique needs.  This service will help guide you into a deeper and more profound understanding of yourself and your life.  Our many years of experience as metaphysical wisdom teachers, psychospiritual facilitators, and holistic practitioners allow us to help you to move beyond your perceived limitations and, thus, more fully pursue your goals, dreams, and visions.  Our goal is to help you set forth on pathways of profound personal transformation, emotional balance, spiritual insight, and freedom.  

Your specific life problems or situations may be posed to us.  We will respond by offering inspired guidance, encouragement, metaphysical insights, and strategies for emergence out of your dilemmas and into the clear light of day.  We are not offering psychotherapy or traditional spiritual counseling, which would require face to face contact.  Rather, we are offering a life-enhancing set of understandings, which we tailor to your specific needs, life questions, and dilemmas.  Furthermore, as profound insights dwell within each of us, we offer techniques to help you connect with the wellspring of inner knowing and wisdom that truly is available to you (ever-existent within you though sometimes obscured).



We truly live in a magical universe.  Via our ‘psychospiritual’ – (metaphysical) life coaching service, we will teach you how to utilize that magic in service of the fulfilling of your most cherished goals.  We will guide you toward higher consciousness and infinite awakening. 

Your questions and concerns are always addressed with compassion and caring.  Throughout the metaphysical life coaching process, we place great emphasis on maintaining confidentiality.  We are interested in adhering to high standards with regard to our valuable Psychospiritual Life Coaching and Oceanic Awakening (mystical knowledge enhancement) services.  Integrity is essential to any healthy spiritual process.




Similar to our ‘Oceanic Awakening’ service, Psychospiritual Life Coaching is offered via email.  Thus you may comfortably relax within your home, whether you live in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, or anywhere else on Earth, receiving individualized support, encouragement, personalized metaphysical insights, and useful strategies to resolve your dilemmas and to expand your life’s possibilities. 

Furthermore, life-enhancing nutrition and health information will be provided as requested (holistic life coaching).  The Oceanic Temple has a wealth of state-of-the-art longevity-promoting information at its disposal.  The Oceanic Temple offers a comprehensive holistic system, addressing body, mind, and spirit. 

In most cases, Psychospiritual Life Coaching services are provided by Raziel, the founder of the Oceanic Temple.   If you are interested in participating in our Psychospiritual (and Holistic) Life Coaching services, please email us at: awaken@oceanictemple.com 

We will respond promptly and attentively.  All psychospiritual, metaphysical, or holistic life coaching interactions are reasonably priced and all participants are free to pursue as many (or as few) interactions as are desired.   With regard to your need for spiritual or metaphysical life coaching, send us an email telling us that you are interested in the Psychospiriitual Life Coaching service.  Included in the same email, send us a brief summary or synopsis of your current circumstances and situations, your goals and objectives, and the obstacles that are impeding their fruition (less than one internet page).  We will respond, telling you the extent to which we can be of assistance to you.  We will tell you how much of a response we can offer and the cost.  We may also invite you to respond to some questions that will help us to get to know you better, and to better understand your current situation. 

If you are interested, simply submit your payment via our Pay Pal service, while simultaneously sending us a second email, offering responses to our questions. 

Unlike the Oceanic Awakening service, which is sustained via your love donations, the Psychospiritual (and Holistic) Life Coaching service is more labor intensive and does have a modest fee associated with it.  A half page response costs $30.  A full-page response (usually to a more complicated problem) costs $50.  If you are pleased with our response, you may be interested in continued interactions during the following days or weeks.  Each additional half-page response will be discounted to $25, while each additional full-page response will be reduced to $45.  Additional discounts may be offered as the life coaching interactions become more regular and relaxed. The Oceanic Metaphysical Temple is really not about making money but, rather, about offering a needed service to humanity in such a manner that each of our participants feels uplifted and enlivened.  




Please note that donatons related to the ‘Oceanic Awakening’ service and payments for Psychospiritual and Holistic Life Coaching’ services should be made via the Pay Pal ‘Donation’ button.  After clicking on the Donation button, you may fill in the blank space to the right of 'Infinite Horizons - Oceanic Temple' with the amount specified via our email exchange or with any donation amount you would like to offer.  

Also upon your payment, you will note that the Oceanic Temple is listed under the business name of ‘Infinite Horizons.’