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The Oceanic Temple, much like the most ancient of mystery schools, places great emphasis on the acquiring of an understanding of the hidden truths of the ancient world.  These mysteries of antiquity connect one to the roots of human existence and likewise to the cosmos. They show us where humanity has been and where it is going.  They lead us to a more profound understanding of the universe.  They also reveal ancient technologies, designed to harness and utilize spiritual energy, and to facilitate metaphysical awakening.  With an understanding and application of these ancient technologies, planetary awakening begins and humanity is beneficially uplifted.



Throughout the millennia, so much that has been occurring has remained hidden and secret, yet impacting each and every human on the planet.  Only with an understanding of the ancient mysteries can we know who or what humanity really is, and what forces govern and control this world, including what forces, for better or for worse, have sculpted and sustained the world’s religions.  Only with a developing understanding of these hidden truths can we avoid the many manipulations around us.  Conversely, with ever-increasing approximations of truth at our disposal, we find ourselves better able to set ourselves and our world free. 



We are at a pivotal time in human history.  Forces of potential enlightenment and potential destruction stand juxtaposed.  Wise elders of native tribes know that we are at the end of the fourth world, awaiting the birth of the fifth world or fifth sun.  Participants in the 1987 Harmonic Convergence event have been enthusiastically awaiting this shift, which they believe will be catalyzed in December 2012, when Earth will align with Hunab Ku, the spiritually conscious center of the Milky Way galaxy.  



The 5th world will be ushered in via solar and cosmic forces that potentially can transform humanity both genetically and spiritually.  Furthermore, a special grouping of human beings, known as starseeds (gentle and compassionate extraterrestrial souls who have incarnated into human bodies - with fully human parents) will emerge as way-showers toward a new era of peace for humankind. However, at the same time, it is clear that the prevailing earthly system is deeply in need of a grand cleansing, a purging, so to speak, of old, stale energies.  It is time for these old, stale energies and crumbling institutions to fall by the wayside, as for millennia they have engendered nothing more than perceptions of limitation and fear. 

Those native elders, whose prophesies have pointed toward such a cleansing of the planet, refer to it as ‘the Great Purification.’  Spiritual wisdom teachers of the past (the great sages of long-forgotten ages), with mystic insight, had indicated that the cleansing can occur through global catastrophe involving water, wind, or fire, or it can emerge as a result of a purification and transformation of consciousness.

The Oceanic Metaphysical Temple seeks to facilitate the more uplifted path - individual and planetary transformation, via spiritual purification and the awakening of higher consciousness. Such a process is essential at this time in history, as the new incoming solar and cosmic forces (capable of beneficially transforming humanity) require, for their utilization, that individual human beings be sufficiently prepared to receive that energy transmission, i.e. - be in a state of energetic resonance. Thus, as an act of compassionate service, the Oceanic Metaphysical Temple offers you the keys to successful metaphysical preparation, serving as a catalyst for your beneficial utilization of the higher-vibrational solar and cosmic forces, as their energetic impact accelerates here on Planet Earth. This is essential as, without such preparation, individual human beings may actually experience dissonance with the incoming energies and, as a result, spiral (metaphysically) downward, eventually becoming trapped in a lower-dimensional experience, relatively devoid of light.

In service of individual and planetary transformation, we offer our beneficial and uplifting metaphysical teachings. And, as the global human family must unite, the Oceanic Temple facilitates the converging of metaphysical truth seekers, heart-centered mystics, spiritual libertarians, devoted starseeds, peace-filled warriors of the rainbow, and gentle beings of inspired vision, in pursuit of a greater future for humanity.  We gather together to facilitate the alchemy of possibility, to bring that which is beyond fear and beyond limitation to bear upon that which is finite and which seeks to confine us.  From invisible realms of perfection, we draw upon the wellspring of the infinite, in pursuit of ultimate transformation...in pursuit of planetary awakening.